Rectal Carcinoma

A fit 55 yr old man was referred from a gastroenterologist after colonoscopic resection of a large partly pedunculated rectal villous adenoma. Histology shows a well differentiated adenocarcinoma in the polyp, extending to within 2mm of the

Young women with breast cancer

3 years ago I saw a 29 year old with a 2 cm. mass in her left breast. This subsequently was found to be a medullary carcinoma. She was treated with a lumpectomy and axillary dissection. 26

Recurrent malignant pheocromocitoma

I would like to ask you a suggestion on the most appropriate treatment for a young man with a recurrent malignant paraganglioma. Clinical summary: 29 years old man with negative past medical history.

Examination of an ulcer

An ulcer is defined as an area of discontinuity of the sur­face epithelium and may occur internally (mucosal) or externally, when it involves the skin, subcutaneous tis­sues. Ulceration has a varied aetiology and ulcers may be benign

What is a physical examination ?

Physical examination must be thorough and efficient without being overdone and exhausting to the patient. Whichever system or anatomical region is examined, the process relies on four skills, i.e. inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation, and is designed

Acute abdomen symptoms

Main symptoms of acute abdomen: pain, indigestion, vomiting, dysphagia, altered bowel habit, anorexia, weight loss.

How to diagnose a disease by symptoms

Diseases of various organs have specific symptoms.

Mesenteric ischemia with aortic aneurysms

We have a patient, 63 F. presenting with lower abdominal pain (R > L), anorexia of sudden onset two weeks ago. WBC 21,000. She is a hypertensive smoker, has emphysema and some renal insufficiency (creatinine 2- 2.5).

Clinical presentation of patients

Patients may present in two ways: electively, with chronic symptoms of variable duration; acutely, with life-threatening disorders.

Pancreatic pseudocyst

Pancreatic pseudocyst