Abdominal Mesh Removal

Abdominal mesh removal is surgery to take out a sheet of material (mesh) that was previously put in the abdomen. Surgical mesh may have been used during a hernia repair or pelvic surgeries. You may need to

24-Hour Urine Collection

How do I prepare for this test? You may be asked to follow a special diet during or before the collection period. Follow instructions from your healthcare provider. If no special instructions are given, you may eat

AV Fistula Placement

Arteriovenous (AV) fistula placement is a surgical procedure to create a connection between a blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart (artery) and a blood vessel that returns blood to the heart (vein). This connection

Drainage of a Pancreatic Abscess

Operative Indications Pancreatic abscess and/or sepsis is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in acute pancreatitis. Early diagnosis is essential if pancreatic debridement and drainage is to be performed early enough to prevent life-threatening morbidity. With

Diverticularization of the Duodenum and Pancreatic Drainage for Combined Duodenal and Pancreatic Trauma

Operative Indications The surgical management of combined pancreatic and duodenal trauma can be very challenging to the trauma surgeon. These combined injuries carry a high morbidity and significant mortality. Operative Technique Virtually all patients with blunt or

Pyloric Exclusion and Pancreatic Drainage for Combined Duodenal and Pancreatic Trauma

Operative Indications Operative Techniquen some instances of combined duodenal and pancreatic trauma, the injury may not be extensive enough to warrant a hemigastrectomy and diverticularization of the duodenum. In addition, the patient may be unstable, and the

Controlled cell death

Controlled cell death is an important molding process in the embryonic heart. Ebstein malformation and muscular ventricular septal defect have been postulated to arise from abnormalities in cell death. The tricuspid valve cusps are almost exclusively derived

Congenital cardiovascular malformations

In 1966, Smith proposed that the term dysmorphology be used to denote the study of abnormalities in morphogenesis, regardless of etiology, timing of origin, or severity. The field has expanded dramatically over the last several decades, as great


The term amputation in medical language means the removal of a part or the whole of an extremity. Such may be necessary in many con­ditions.

What Is Throat?

The pharynx, or throat, is a continuation backward and downward of the nasal and oral cavities. It serves as a food and air passageway. At the upper portion behind the soft palate lies the adenoid. At the