The Helicobacter pylori industry

Helicobacter pyloriIn my neck of the woods HP seems to cause or contribute to most upper GI disorders: DU, GU, gastritis, non-ulcer dyspepsia, most forms of [that complex field] gastritis, lymphoma and gastric carcinoma. The carriage rate in public hospitals is 50 – 70%. Commercially available serological tests are available to general practitioners to test people who feel off colour, have malaise, are disappointed in life or who have some wearying malady; if the test is positive (spin a coin) they are “eradicated”.

It has been suggested that all HP positive people [merely 1/2 the world’s population], certainly in cancer risk areas (China, Indonesia, Pacific brim etc etc), should be eradicated, and this is in trial.

There are groups of people who, CABAL like, have Consensus Meetings from which they [like the sermon on the Mount] make breathtaking statements, which the world are expected to regard as graven in stone.

Anyway, Helicobacter pylori must certainly be one of the top 10 organisms, if not the organism of the century; its got Olympic gold; it needs the Aircraft Industry Award for most business flights ever.

But then – niggling thoughts – why:

1. Are DU and gastric cancer so rare in Africa (my neck of the woods), where the carriage rate is in excess of 70%?
2. Why does it contribute to the aetiology of both DU and cancer, when these two are seldom associated, if not mutually exclusive?
3. Why is acid reduction necessary in the treatment of this infection?

Whats going on in your neck of the woods?

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