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Mediastinal mass lesions

Lesions within the mediastinum represent an interesting variety of masses, both malignant and benign, that arise from the diverse organs and tissues which occupy the central thorax. Overall, the incidence of all mediastinal masses is low, especially

Bilateral Lung Cancer – Clinical Case

For those of you with a thoracic interest, here is a decision to make: A 65 year old man presents with an asymptomatic 5 cm LLL mass, discovered on follow-up for old TB. A second, cavitating, 2

Clinical case – neuroendocrine tumor

The patient is a 47y WF with a history of scleroderma and Reynaud’s disease, who suffers with episodes of explosive watery diarrhea, hypotension and severe diaphoresis. These episodes occur one to two times a month and last