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Benign Cartilagenous Tumors in Children

Osteochondroma Osteochondromas (osteocartilagenous exostoses) include solitary and multiple lesions. The multiple form is inherited but thought to be due to a loss of two tumor suppressor EXT 1 and 2 genes. Lesions sometimes develop after chemotherapy. Most

Colon obstruction due to cancer

In the past couple of months I have operated six patients (five in July) for complete colon obstruction due to cancer. It is an unusual number for me which prompts some reflections and sharing experiences.

Stereotactic Needle Biopsy of Breast – some questions

Recently had a request from hospital commander to address a complaint from a patient. Per this woman’s report, she had a concerning 1 cm breast mass on mammogram and was offered a needle localized breast biopsy by

Mid-level and deep melanomas

What are you doing for patients with mid-level and deep melanomas?

The principal procedures for rectal cancer

The principal procedures for rectal tumors are as follows:

Perforated gastric lymphoma

75 year old gentleman recently diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, staged with CT scan which showed only extensive para-aortic lymphadenopathy and no visceral disease received his first dose of chemotherapy late last week. Six hours later he presented

Complications of Colon Cancer

There are 3 most common compications of colon cancer: obstruction, perforation and direct extension.

Breast Palpation Revisited

Anyone who is too short of time to read some speculative random thoughts on surgery should skip this contribution. For those that have the time, I hope the following item is of interest.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer – clinical case

I have the following patient who is seeing 2 Oncologists for opinions–the first a general rural Oncologist and the second a bone marrow transplant specialist. I am sure she will ask me for my opinion of their


The thymic gland is the site of many neoplasms — thymomas, lymphomas, Hodgkin’s granulomas, and other less common tumors. Thymoma, the most common neoplasm of the thymic gland, may be difficult to differentiate from lymphoma even with