Obstetrics & Gynecology Archive

Surgical conditions resulting from childbirth

During childbirth, certain injuries to the soft tissues of the birth canal may occur. Many of these are obviated by the use of episiotomy, and many may be repaired immediately after deliv­ery. Some, however, are unavoidable and

Tumors of the gynecological system

Tumors of the gynecological system may be benign or malignant and may occur in any por­tion, but several sites are seen in much greater frequency than others. The skin covering of the vulva is subject to the

Inflammations of the Gynecological System

Inflammations of the gynecological system may involve any part. Vulvitis is an infection of the outer geni­talia which may stem from poor hygiene or spe­cific contact infections. Medical treatment usu­ally corrects.

Surgery relating to pregnancy

In more recent years, excellent literature for the laity has been published on all phases of obstetrics, parturition (birth), and postnatal (postpartum) care. A complete treatise of ob­stetrics is not within the scope of this book; however,