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Controlled cell death

Controlled cell death is an important molding process in the embryonic heart. Ebstein malformation and muscular ventricular septal defect have been postulated to arise from abnormalities in cell death. The tricuspid valve cusps are almost exclusively derived

What Is Throat?

The pharynx, or throat, is a continuation backward and downward of the nasal and oral cavities. It serves as a food and air passageway. At the upper portion behind the soft palate lies the adenoid. At the

Endocrine Glands

A gland is a group of cells organized together with the ability of extracting certain materials from the blood and lymph, and concentrating the materials or manufacturing from them a specific chemical compound. Glands are mainly of

The patient encounter method

Surgical internship demands efficiency and neurotic attention to detail, 2 often opposing modi operandi. As the workhorse of the inpatient surgical team, you will need to perfect both. Toward this goal, we recommend you do the following:

Family planning in residency

Most residents begin their training in their mid-twenties and finish in the early to mid-thirties, which is the traditional time to start a family. Therefore, many residents will face the decision regarding how to best time this.

Tips for Managing Your Personal Life While in Residency

1. Prioritize your loved ones. Those who support us have to sacrifice a lot on our behalf. We are absent from our parents’ houses at many holidays, and, when we are there, we are likely napping. Our

Doctor, take care of your health!

Let me be honest: I struggle with this issue – I didn’t see a dentist for the first 3 years of residency, which is frankly disgusting. The standard advice is to exercise, eat healthy, and sleep as


It is the rare intern who is intuitively efficient. For most of us it involves reflection and practice. The most important thing you can do to be more efficient is to be constantly analyzing your behavior, looking

Some rules for interns

Some of your job as an intern is only indirectly related to patient care. While the rules below don’t tell you how to operate better, they will help you to be a more effective team member and

Why I talk to comatose patients

Why I talk to comatose patients By James J. McCague, MD The news of Henry Baker’s admission to intensive care distressed me. Henry, a retired executive whom I’d treated for a neurogenic bladder, had been my patient