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Surgical diseases of the heart

CARDIAC SURGICAL EMERGEN­CIES Injuries of the heart fortunately are not com­mon. The heart is protected on all sides by the sturdy rib cage which affords protection from most blunt injuries to the chest. Penetrating wounds, such as

Surgical diseases of the heart

There is a multitude of conditions which may impair the central cardiac system. Many of these are now correctable by surgical procedures, and in the last few years the number of conditions which may be benefited by

Methods of heart surgery

One of the greatest handicaps to heart sur­gery is the fact that a constant supply of oxy­gen is needed throughout the body, especially to certain vital organs. The cardiovascular sys­tem is the only means of supplying the

Pediatric cardiac transplantation

Pediatric cardiac transplantation is an established treatment option for children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, other complex congenital anomalies not amenable to surgical treatment, and various forms of end-stage cardiomyopathy.

Congenital coarctation of the aorta

Essentials of Diagnosis Infants may have severe heart failure; children are usually asymptomatic. Absent or weak femoral pulses. Systolic pressure higher in upper extremities than in lower extremities; diastolic pressures are similar. Harsh systolic murmur heard in

Congenital aortic stenosis

Four types of congenital aortic stenosis are generally recognized. Valvular stenosis is the most common type; subaortic and supravalvular stenosis and asymmetric septal hypertrophy occur infrequently.