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Рatient declining operation

I would like to share with you rather an incredible experience I had during my last on-call weekend and would like to invite some comments on ethical issues regarding the case.

Best method of diagnosing appendicitis

Appendicitis is many diseases: recent posts on one best method of diagnosing appendicitis ignore something basic, which applies to surgical conditions generally. Here are some varieties of appendicitis which I hope others will recognise. [Level 5 or

Complicated hepatectomies

I crossed the East River and went to Sloan Kettring to see how Dr. Blumgart does “complicated hepatectomies”. A few of you may be interested in the following:

Biliary Colic, No Stones

I recently saw a 36 year old woman who has a 7 month history of “classic” biliary colic: recurrent post-prandial right upper quadrant pain radiating through to the back, associated with nausea but no vomiting, exacerbated by