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A case of intra-abdominal abscesses

I could really use some helpful suggestions and thoughts about the following case of intra-abdominal abscesses. All patients are special and deserving of this best, this one though happens to be my older brother.

Treatment of AAA/Dissecting Aneurysms

Recently, the Medical Director of our Air Ambulance Program asked me about the use of Beta Blockers and other “sheer force” reducing medications for the treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms. It was his belief, that in Abdominal

Surgical diseases of muscles and tendons

In many conditions involving muscles and/or tendons, surgery may be the treatment of choice. Various pathological states occur.

Injuries of the skeletal system

The most common afflictions of the skeletal system are those induced by injury. In modern times injuries are encountered at an ever-increas­ing rate. Many councils and organizations direct their purpose at the prevention of injuries and have


Fracture is a disruption of the con­tinuity of a bone. All degrees of such trauma occur. The fracture is commonly thought of as a break in the bony supporting frame of the body, but it may be

Surgical diseases of the skeletal system

Inflammations of the skeletal system The skeletal system may be the site of in­flammatory disease in any of its parts. The proper prefix with the suffix -itis designates the part involved.

Surgical diseases of the nervous system

Inflammations of the nervous system Inflammation may involve the nerve system in any region. It may be caused by infections, chem­icals, or toxins, or from unknown causes.

Nervous system tumors

Tumors may develop in any part of the nervous system. Such new growths may be benign or malignant. They may arise primarily or they may be a metastasis from a tumor of some other tissue. For this

Injuries to the nervous system

Injuries to the nervous system may involve any part to any extent. It is of great import that de­stroyed tissue of the brain and spinal cord will not regenerate; peripheral nerves will. In many cases of accident

Operations on the nervous system

Operations on the nervous system, as well as most others, treats diseases caused by inflammation, tumors, injuries, congenital defects, and some of un­known cause. For simplicity in presentation, the various operative procedures employed in the treatment of