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Gastroparesis after pyloroplasty and Nissen

28 year old female presenting with 6 month history of worsening reflux symptoms. She has had only partial relief with proton pump inhibtors. Promotility agents gave her headaches. EGD showed no esophagitis. 24 hour pH study was

Surgical diseases of the ear

Congenital Defects Congenital defects of the outer ear are not too uncommon. Such may vary from complete absence of the pinna to various unsightly irregu­larities. Most of these deformities are correctable by plastic operative procedures, but each

The most common eye diseases

INJURIES Trauma, or injury, to the eyeball and asso­ciated structures may involve any of the parts. In modern industry many preventive measures are taken to avoid damage to this important sys­tem. The commonest injury is that of

Surgical diseases of the eye structures

Lids Congenital abnormalities of the lids occasion­ally occur. Ptosis is a drooping of the upper lid due to weakened muscles supporting the lid; this may involve one eye or both. Ectropion is a turning-out of the upper

Diseases of and operations on the male genitalia

Congenital Malformations Congenital malformations may be any of sev­eral specific abnormalities, but none is frequent.

Surgical conditions resulting from childbirth

During childbirth, certain injuries to the soft tissues of the birth canal may occur. Many of these are obviated by the use of episiotomy, and many may be repaired immediately after deliv­ery. Some, however, are unavoidable and