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Medical History and Examination

During the first few days of your hospitaliza­tion and before your operation, your own doc­tor or a hospital doctor will take your com­plete medical history and perform a complete physical examination. This will be written in the

How to help with your hospital care

All the procedures performed on you while you are in the hospital are for the sole purpose of getting you well as soon as possible. Be quick to realize this and co-operate with every hospital worker who

What to Take to the Hospital?

When your doctor tells you to go to the hospi­tal, you will want to know what to take with you. Actually, everything essential is furnished except some of your personal hygiene supplies. You should take your toothbrush

The hospital staff

The hospital staff is composed of highly trained personnel. Many of the positions involve much responsibility and necessarily call for spe­cial training and skill. During your hospital stay you may come in contact with a few of

Your Hospital Stay

If you have a major surgical illness, you will no doubt require hospitalization. When you go to the hospital, you will be better oriented and less perplexed if you acquire some insight be­forehand and know what to

Medical-Legal Implications in Surgery

Besides the actual professional relationship of physician and patient, there are certain legal factors which must be remembered when your doctor treats you. There is no written contract drawn, but there is an implied contract be­tween the

Patient and His Surgeon

No greater tribute can be paid any man than to entrust him with the life of another. To be worthy of this trust the surgeon must make a constant effort to provide the best possible care for

The Realm of Surgery

Surgery is a system of treatment for certain diseases which usually require operative inter­vention. If the signs and symptoms a patient presents denote a surgical diagnosis, he is placed on the surgical service of the hospital, and

Qualifications of Medical Specialists

Just how a practitioner qualifies as a special­ist is a procedure not thoroughly understood by most people. First of all, he must be a physician, and to reach this goal he must acquire premedi­cal and medical education

List of Medical Specialties

In recent years science has added greatly to the knowledge of disease and means of combat­ing it. The wealth of information available to physicians has become so tremendous that for any one doctor to be completely informed