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X-ray and Fluoroscopy – Information for Patients

Since the discovery of the x-ray in 1895, it has become one of the greatest aids of the medical profession. Its greatest use is for diag­nostic purposes, but it may also be used for treatment. Diagnostic x-ray

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is essential to life. No cell in the body can survive without adequate oxygen, and this is normally supplied to each cell through the circulating blood. The red blood cells are so designed that they can

Infusions – Information for Patients

In many cases there is an upset in the normal body fluid quantities and the constituents of these body solutions. This is particularly com­mon in surgical cases after an operation and in conditions where the patient cannot

Blood Transfusions – Information for Patients

In cases of anemia (inadequate number of red blood cells), transfusion of human blood may be indicated. The anemia may be due to a loss of blood by sudden hemorrhage, a continual slow hemorrhage, dietary lack of

Medications – Information for Patients

Medicines are given in several different ways. In all cases where practical, medication will be given by mouth, but in many cases it is neces­sary to use other routes to get the drug into the body in

Electrocardiograms – Information for Patients

Whenever a muscle contracts, a chemical re­action occurs within it. In this chemical process an energy substance and oxygen are consumed, and carbon dioxide, heat, electrical currents, and other by-products are produced. The heart is an organ

Basal Metabolic Rates – B.M.R.

Various chemical processes are occurring within the tissues of the body at all times. These processes occur with any muscular ac­tivity and with all the vital body functions.

Lumbar puncture – Information for Patients

Lumbar puncture is indicated in a number of conditions. It is indispensable in the diag­nosis of disease of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and is also used in the treatment of meningitis and allied

Stomach and Intestinal Intubation – Information for Patients

In certain cases it is necessary to pass a tube into the stomach or intestines. The importance of this procedure when indi­cated cannot be overemphasized. In many cases the procedure is life-saving; it often makes pos­sible operations

Blood Tests in Surgery

If your doctor orders a blood examination, naturally the technician must obtain a specimen of your blood. The easiest source of this is the veins of your arms. From the patient’s stand­point, it is a simple procedure.