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General Anesthesia – Information for Patients

General anesthesia means to render the entire patient to a state of unconsciousness without sensations or movement. This is accomplished by administering a drug which is carried to the brain by the blood stream, where it suppresses

Local Anesthesia – Information for Patients

Local anesthesia means to render only one area of the body insensible to pain. Conscious­ness is not altered.

Patient Emotions and Surgery

Surgery deals with organic diseases, those where there is a demonstrable alteration in the tissues. There is, however, another group of dis­eases where there is no change in any of the body structures, called functional diseases. All

Cause of Neoplasms

A neoplasm is a group of new cells which are growing without control and afford no benefit. These are called therefore neoplasms (new- growths). The terms tumor and neoplasm are for practical purposes synonymous.

Kinds of Tumors

The most important differential factor among tumors is that they may be either benign or malignant. The benign tumor is usually harm­less. These innocent new growths usually have a limiting membrane, and they push into the cells

Cysts – Information for Patients

A surgical lesion which may be discussed in general, for the same principles may apply to almost any affected tissue, is the cyst. A cyst is an abnormal collection of fluid in a cavity sur­rounded by a

Cancer – Information for Patients

The term cancer includes all forms of malig­nant growth. Many different varieties arc known, depending on the tissue from which they arise, the location in the body, the rate of growth, and the response to treatment. Cancer

Inflammation and Healing

Inflammation is the most important of all pathological processes, as it is the most uni­versal. Inflammation is a local reaction of living tissues to something which irritates them. Any tissue which is subjected to the action of

Postmortem Examinations

It is unpleasant indeed to dwell on the thoughts of death of our loved ones, but there are decisions to be made at these inevitable times, and one of them is to ascertain what ex­aminations of the

Physio­therapy – Information for Patients

Physical therapy, commonly called physio­therapy, includes the use of physical agents for treatment, occupational therapy, and re­habilitation. There are a multitude of agents and exercises which are utilized in this field of treatment and are of proved