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Nutritional deficiencies which complicates surgery

The body requires certain substances to nor­mally develop and maintain itself. Besides oxy­gen, which must be continually inhaled, there must be ingested specific amounts of various food materials. These are water, salts, vitamins, min­erals, proteins, fats, and

Heart diseases which complicates surgery

The physiology and anatomy of the cardio­vascular system is most intricate. And, since the whole body depends on the circulation of the blood as a means of sustaining life, any minor alteration in anatomy or function is

Obesity which complicates surgery

The one condition which complicates all sys­tems of disease treatment more than any other is obesity. Not only does this abnormal state complicate disease states and their surgical treatment, it also predisposes to almost all diseases. More­over,

Rehabilitation in Surgery

After certain injuries and some diseases, restoration to a perfectly normal state of health is not possible. In former years medical science has had little to offer those individuals who were handicapped through such crippling injuries or

Postoperative Care – Information for Patients

During the period immediately following com­pletion of the operation the patient requires close observation and care. Recovery from gen­eral anesthesia is not complete for several hours.

Surgical Operation – Information for Patients

Before the patient is brought to the operating room, everything must be prepared for the surgical operation. For even a minor operation there is much to be made ready, and for a major procedure it becomes a

Preoperative Preparation – Information for Patients

When the diagnosis has been established and the surgeon has concluded that the treatment of choice is by operation, he is charged with the responsibility of preparing the patient to the optimal conditions for the procedure. This

The Immediate Preoperative Period – Information for Patients

After the patient’s general condition has reached optimal conditions for operation, there are several steps to be taken in the few hours just preceding operation.

Preoperative Diagnosis

Before any treatment can be intelligently ren­dered a patient, the physician must know to what end his treatment is directed. In short, the first step in any treatment plan is to establish a diagnosis. In some cases

Preanesthetic Care – Information for Patients

Regardless of the anesthetic to be given, pa­tients require certain preparations for their anes­thetic as well as for the operation itself. In major cases the preparations must include hospitaliza­tion of the patient several hours before the an­ticipated