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My colleagues and I have recently moved to a new teaching hospital and have had many lively discussions on protocol for deportment/dress in the surgical department (and whether the rules should differ for anesthetists, surgeons, technicians, and observers). Under discussion are such topics as:

1. Should t-shirts be allowed under scrubs in the operating suite?
2. Are booties essential? And should the anesthetist change booties if he/she leaves and re-enters the suite?
3. What is the proper protocol for patient scrubs (number of minutes, type of solution, etc.) and surgeon hand scrubs
4. Are masks necessary in the clean corridor? The sterile corridor?
5. If a surgeon moves between two buildings (outside) should she/he change to street clothes or simply have scrubs covered?

This is just a short list, but you probably get the picture. Since we have been trained at different institutions, our opinions and knowledge base differ. Is there a guru of aseptic technique and surgical suite protocol that most people consult? A text that people consider the "gold standard"? An unbiased consultant that is available to help define the protocols?

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