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I need your input on this subject.
I am invited to Asuncion,Paraguay and Quito,Ecuator for the next
September and October as a lecturer of this name.I was a pioneer on
laparoscopic surgery in Latin America(first lapar,
cholec.,August,1,1990)So,I have many leesons learned from 1990.
Only for to start the discussion,now the name Advanced Laparoscpic
surgery sound to me as ADVENTURE laparoscopic surgery. For your
information,in Chile,as most other countryes,laparoscopic
cholecistectomy is the most performed laparoscopic surgery.But,hernia
lap. repair is dead.Colon lap. surgery is absent;reflux surgery is
performed by 3-4 guys in all teh surgical comunity,;appendectomy and
peritonitis is anecdote;so,really,and I think,fortunly,"advanced
laparoscopic surgery is not performed in Chile.
I am recolecting ideas on this subject. Please,tell us yours input. I
promess to quote the origin in my lecture.


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I like ofcourse your "adventure" instead of "advanced' but who am I to talk
about operations that I do no perform and do not intend to learn how to

It seems that you are not too excited about this topic either. Perhaps you
should decline the invitation and come to NYC instead; then you could send
the tickets to Ecuator and Paraguay to one of advanced laparoscopists

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