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I work in a 21 bed Surgical High Dependency Unit.
I am one of two clinical link nurses with responsibility for infection
control in the ward.
At present we are looking into infection issues related to administration of
IV drugs via central lines/Hickman lines. Specifically we are looking into
the question of whether or not we as nurses need to be wearing sterile
gloves when administering said drugs. The suggestion made was that it was
I realise any discussion on this conducted over the Internet may constitute
anecdotal evidence but would be interested in discovering what policies
exist in other countries.


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I would assume that, like in our hospital, the lines have between 1 and 3
ports that are free of any dressings and terminated in a rubber sealed
access "port". The ports are certainly not sterile, so why should the
gloves be sterile?

Along the same lines, I would be interested to know what everyone's
protocol is for flushing the various lines that we typically leave in place
for long term IV access.
1. Hickman
2. Norport
3 Groshong
4. Picc


Re: Administration protocol Central/Hickman lines - Ärzteforum

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There is an Infection Control list APIClist that discusses issues
like this. I don't see any reason for wearing gloves to adminster
meds through a triple lumen central line--it would just increase
nursing time (which is money) and expenditures on gloves. I don't
think it would decrease infections.

Grandpa Phil

Re: Administration protocol Central/Hickman lines - Ärzteforum

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There are also the reminders of HAND WASHING before medicating every
patient, and the routine alcohol wipe of the caps. We also don't use gloves
to administer meds. Care of the catheter exit site receives more attention,
being an important portal of infection and possible catheter sepsis.

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