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Breast conservation surgery - yes or no? - Ärzteforum

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49 year old white female with huge breasts (the kind that should have been reduced when she was much younger but weren't)--she currently wears a 42DDD bra, has infiltrating ductal ca about 2x3 cm.

Is is possible to radiate this large of a breast (so that breast conservation surgery plus radiation would be an option)?


Re: Breast conservation surgery - yes or no? - Ärzteforum

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I recently had a similar patient- 36 yo six months postpartum, not breastfeeding. I had the same concern, so I sent her to the radiation therapist pre-op to get his OK. He felt there was no problem, even without having seen her, but I had her go for an exam to be sure. We did the usual lumpectomy; she is getting adjuvant chemotx, to be followed by her radiation.

The alternate course, modified radical mastectomy, has its own problems in such a patient, due to the lopsided cosmetic result.

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