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Anyone seen this?

Just finished surgery on a 49 year-old female who presented with a complete "SBO". She had a history of "fibroids" but no prior surgery. On exploration she had a cecal volvulus with diffuse studding to the peritneal cavity and serosa of the small bowe with 0.3 - 3.0 cm solid masses. Frozen section "leiomyoma consistent with leiomyomatosis." Uterine fibroids also seen.


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6 years ago or so I attended to a surgical clinical discussion where a patient like yours was presented. The final coment was that those were very rare cases, and its origin is unclear. The condition is called "disseminated intraperitoneal eiomyomatosis" as is described at the 5th ed. of the Te linde's operatory gynecology (sorry I have'nt a newer one): a theory is that the original cell comes from the smood muscle of the little blood vessels of those organs, another theory is that it comes from the repairing processes involved at the peritoneal surfaces.

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