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Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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Does anyone know about a Dr.Di Bella in Italy, who claims to cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin ? Are there any DBCT's, RCT's, CCT's on this ?

A 54yr.old male patient of mine underwent sigmoid resection for Duke's C lesion in May 97, followed by chemotherapy. Was well till 3 wks ago. Developed jaundice, C-T & Ultrascan suggestive of nodes near porta hepatis..ERCP -> 1.5 cm long stricture in mid-CBD which was stented, with rapid resolution of jaundice. No stones. no intrinsic mucosal lesion. Likely diagnosis = met.s compressing CBD. No liver mets yet. Going for Oncological referral.

The patient saw a programme here on 'other mother' = TV, showing a Dr. Luigi Di Bella, claiming to cure all sorts of incurable cancers. They showed a young boy, a 19 yr. old athlete, & some other patients, vouching for the efficacy of treatment. NO mention of original pathology/ histology/ grading of any cancer.


Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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A patient of mine asked me about this physician also. Maybe there was something on TV recently.


Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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Italy is a country of big "professional" cheaters.

Prof. Di Bella is a old poor researcher who, after failing in a whole life to reach an association in Physiology with his studies on somatostatine and melanotonine in rats, after retiring, without following any of the scientific criteria (we are far from levels of evidence, his assumptions lack any level of common sense) decided he was able to treat ANY type of cancer with a cocktail of melanotonine, somatostatine, vitamins and low-dosage chemotherapy. He had never practiced oncology before and never studied tumors on rats!

He refuses any scientific analysis on his data and failed to indicate any but a few dozens of patient treated by his cocktail to the Ministry of Health.

He was very lucky. His allucinations became well known during a war between the Ministry of Health and the opposition to the Government. Since the boss of opposition, Mr. Berlusconi, owns a big part of information channels (TV, newspapers, magazines) he was supported heavily, against any evidence, with anecdotical cases, against the Ministry who, supposedly, "refused to win the war against cancer to benefit the pharmaceutical industries and the chemotherapy lobbies". The newspaper of Mr. Berlusconi's brother decided that "chemotherapy is leftist and evil, Di Bella is righteous and saint". Since the treatment was expensive and not reimbursed by the national health system a war was declared against the rules and soon some judges declared that reimbursment was due.

The Ministry, against most of the medical community, for political reasons, accepted a ceasefire and started something that looks like a multicentric trial (see LANCET, I don't remember the number but it is easy to look for Di Bella on the index of the site) and to reimburse the drugs.

Di Bella soon declared the trials not responding to his feelings, that he was sure the data could be manipulater against him and that he guarantees for the results.

That is news history.

Since everything in this story is anedoctical I want to put my two cents. I knew poor patients with failed operations, failed chemotherapies, often young, who happened to fall in the nets of Di Bella and his entourage. They all died the same way of other people do, after spending a lot of money for nothing since Di Bella and Co. were giving the drugs (somatostatine was previously unavailable outside hospital) for 400 $ a day.

Particularly I remember a 33 old m worker, living not far from my place and friend of one of our nurses, with metastatic pancreatic exocrine cancer. He was father of a 3 y child and he destroyed the economic future of his family (20000 $ were a lot of money for him) and died after 2 months of treatment.
Reading the forum and, at the same time, reading the italian newspapers (now everything has almost disappeared from the press and TV) was difficult. The confrontation between evidence based medicine and stupidity based medicine is hard and nobody could explain people that they were chated.

In Naples they say that "the mother of fools is always pregnant", please leave italian people alone, and keep away from Di Bella. In Italy some parents refused chemotherapy for their children with leukemia to start Di Bella treatment.


Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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I am sure that kind exists everywhere, in Brazil we have "spiritual surgeons" who actually make incisions in people's flesh claiming to have cured them from spinal paralysis to the worst type of cancer. I have treated two patients previously treated by this type of " doctor", one in which he "operated" the spinal canal, they usually only make skin deep incisions, but on this one he entered the pleural space, and caused a terrible septicemia which culminated with the patient's death, and I remember in my residency, we received a patient with lung fibrosis as a candidate for lung transplant with two huge incisions on both hemithoraces ( he claimed he was desperate due to his dispnea, and so he looked for this "doctor"). As we know, cancer is a "desperate"disease for a lot of people, and, unfortunately, there are people who think that making a living out of exploring these people is "fine". The only thing that really bothers me is that authorities throughout the world aren't sensible enough to not let this happen. But then again, in a world where you have politicians of very rich countries that are unsensible to starvation that we see in many poor countries, what can you expect... We just have to fight to try to make this a better place for our sons and future generations a better place to live, in any way we can!

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Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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In the U.S. it's called steroids.

Grandpa Phil

Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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See Brit. Med. Journal this week - BMJ - "Di Bella's miracle method" bu Abbasi (Editorial Registrar of the BMJ)


Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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I, personally, have no opinion on magician medicine, because I don't know it, and I don't like it to be included.


Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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As a surgeon you are sometimes confronted with unfortunate and desperate patients who would do anything including "magical experiments" to relieve them from their problem. It is also our duty to be informed about "miracle treatments" so we can advise our patients regarding this matter. Therefore we also have to be kept up to date on the esoteric side (but not mainly, I agree with that part of your statement).


Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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Although everibody here agrees with your opinion about the aims of this forum, let me tell you that sometimes - like now, in Italy - you could find yourself in troubles because your untreatable cancer patient leaves chemo or radio and starts to peregrinate from a chemistry to another in a desperate search of those so-called lifesaving drugs mentioned by Flavio. The problem is not if this "protocol" (quite dogmatic) is really working: we here had a real problem of public order, with Di Bella's people and patients relatives down on the streets, mostly due to uncorrect media. And you could understand how such circumstance can be frustrating for serious med-surg workers. I think it's better to inform all collegues outside Italy that this "Protocol" has no scientific background: think about thousands of italian immigrates around the world, and the consequences of this misinformation... This situation could be explained by some political pressions supporting a privatization of our health care system (you choose the doctor and even the cure, doesn't matter who he could be or his scientific qualification).

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Re: Cure cancers by using Melatonin & Somatostatin - Ärzteforum

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"Alternative" modalities of medicine are practiced everywhere to a larger or smaller extend. Patients have the right to decide about their own fate. All we- "scientific medical practitioners" can and should do is to EDUCATE the public and preach our cause. We cannot save the world and, beside, we must acknowledge how little is the overall impact of our "science".

Thus, today, if one of my gastric ca patients chooses to treat his obstructing antral cancer with Chianti and Gorgonzola somewhere near Lake Como- I make a note in the chart , shrug, and continue to sip from my own prophylactic Chianti.

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