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Lymph node biopsy is indicated if it is going to change the plan of management based on the result of the biopsy i.e. if you are doing a radical lower partial gastrectomy and during exploration you found an enlarged lymph node in the splenic hilum,this should be taken and sent for frozen section if it is positive you either cancel your operation or proceed for total radical gastrectomy with splenectomy and distal pancreatectomy. Lymph node biopsies other than that is just a waste of time and resources.

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My patient with the large gastric cancer sought several other surgical opinions. He found one who operated on him last week. They were get a clear margin on the proximal stomach for a gastrojejunostomy. They also resected the spleen, transverse colon, as well as the distal pancreas, which the tumor was invading. The patient seems to be doing well, for now.

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