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Male pt. now 31 y.o. with these antecedents :
When had 16 years of age , epigastric abdominal pain ( some years before ) and endoscopic diagnosis of duodenal ulcer . Was treated with ranitinine without response several times . To the age of 20 years still persisting ulcer disease and determination of gastrin in blood did show high level of this hormone . Abdominal computed tomography and u.s. were normal for this time. He Continued with high dose of ranitidine also without too response. At the age of 24 years in abdominal u.s. appear 4 cm diameter tumor in segment 1 of the liver . diagnostic punction = well differentiated gastrinoma . Total gastrectomy was performed and at he laparotomy had not found pancreatic tumor although was possible to touch the hepatic tumor . Until now has remained asintomatic but at abd. tomography turn up image of tumor 3 cm diam. at body of pancreas and the old hepatic tumor have grown to 10 cm of diam .

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The patient had a Dx of a liver gastrinoma but they decided to ressect the stomach? Of course the tumour grow up, and will grow more and more, so, even assintomatic, it is better to ressect the tumour in the liver and pancreas now (he is young) then 5 years later, when it will be much more difficult.

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