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In response to the recent spate of discussion on the importance, or
lack thereof, of a surgeon following up personally on the patients
he/she operates upon, and that itinerant surgery is clearly bad for
the patient (regardless of how convenient or financially rewarding it
may be for the involved physicians)--and what itinerant surgery is,
and that it still exists in today's world (as this discussion has
unfortunately made evident) see the following refs:
Maloney JV: Itinerant Surgery;at home and on the road.
Hanlon CR: Itinerant surgery:outreach or outrage?

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Re: Itinerant Surgery - Ärzteforum

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I don't have access to references that old, so I may be repeating something
that's in there. But itinerant surgery is grounds for dismissal from the
American College of Surgeons.

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