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Do you perform intraabdominal re-implantation of small fragments of spleen after splenectomy? We do here. The research shows that this allows to lower the rates of infection and hemostatic disturbances.

John Dissector

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In response to your question on reimplanting splenic fragments in the
omentum, the finding you report was refuted years ago when a number
of studies looked into this--altho it was documneted that these
fragments do remain viable, they were shown not to be functional in
terms of producing antibodies and opsonin necessary for prevention of
infection, and also it was shown that there was no difference in the
rates of infections in these cases. Your findings must be reconciled
with those of over a decade ago to determine why the results are so
different before citing such a study, because one side obviously is
wrong. Also, I don't understand why hemostasis should at all be
affected in the absence of a spleen, as the spleen does not "improve"
hemostasis--if anything, it would worsen it in the setting of
platelet sequestration.

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