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Slipped Nissen, severe esophagitis - Ärzteforum

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I have an extremely old patient with a slipped Nissen done about 10
years ago for severe reflux. She has severe erosive esophagitis with
Barrett's on usual high doses of H2 blockers. She got a rash from

She has severe kyphosis and is quite frail. I really don't want to
operate on her and she doesn't want surgery either. Is there any safe
way to non-surgically disrupt the Nissen wrap? I think it would be
better to not have the Nissen at all instead of this slipped Nissen.
Would an achalasia balloon dilator work or would this be too dangerous
to even try?

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Re: Slipped Nissen, severe esophagitis - Ärzteforum

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An interesting case. What are here complaints now? Reflux or disphagia?

It is an opinion (no references, no evidences), but probably you can disrupt
esophageal wall before the fundoplicaton.
If your concern is just the Barrett, then consider laser ablation or PDT.

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Re: Slipped Nissen, severe esophagitis - Ärzteforum

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Complaint is severe heartburn and mild to moderate swallowing problems.
Scope shows severe erosive esophagitis and mild stricture with the
slipped Nissen several inches distal.

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Re: Slipped Nissen, severe esophagitis - Ärzteforum

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How do you know this nissen "slipped" and why do you think no nissen is
better. To answer your question, I can't see how a ballon will be able to
disrupt this nissen. I think if you try it you may disrupt the stomach or

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Re: Slipped Nissen, severe esophagitis - Ärzteforum

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Well the Nissen wrap is clearly visible around the stomach about 6 cm distal
to the GE junction. I presume that is not where it is supposed to be and
that the original surgeon probably did not place it this distally. I also
presume that this is increasing acid reflux instead of decreasing it.

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