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John Dissector

Peritoneal antibiotic irrigation - Ärzteforum

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Remember this ongoing discussion about the magic--er, I mean the technique of antibiotic irrigation in peritonitis? I just received the latest issue of the throwaway Surgical Infections Forum, with an excellent pro-con discussion of this issue--I'd recommend it to all who have questions or opinions on this subject.

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Re: Peritoneal antibiotic irrigation - Ärzteforum

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Can You give me a reference to this article?


Re: Peritoneal antibiotic irrigation - Ärzteforum

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I'd like to ask you some questions:
1.- What kind of peritonitis? For example, do you use it in an appendicular peritonitis?
2.- When? Primarily? or in second or third looks?
3.-Is there any difference with the sole use of saline solution?
I may say that the use of the antibiotic irrigation is going to act in the consecuence place not in the cause. It may produce loosing time, for meanwhile one might expect good results, NOT treating the fountain.

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Re: Peritoneal antibiotic irrigation - Ärzteforum

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Unfortunately or fortunately the set of articles you mention is just re-inventing the wheel. The notion that peritoneal antibiotic irrigation is waste of time is not new. The same applies to irrigation with saline or another solution-useful only to wet the surgeon's feet or boxers.

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Doctor Green

Re: Peritoneal antibiotic irrigation - Ärzteforum

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If you treat mice with a lethal dose of bugs intraperitoneally and perform a peritoneal lavage after 30 minutes you can prolong their life, The addition of desinfectants does not give a better result. However, bugs are in the blood 10 minutes after application.

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