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A 35-year old female complained about ongoing unspecific upper abdominal pain. The problem began, after the patient gave birth to a child 4 years ago following an uncomplicated pregnancy. There was no abdominal trauma reported in the patient=B4s history. Abdominal ultrasound revealed a cystic process in the head of the pancreas. A CT scan showed a process near the hepatic artery with compression of the pancreas and duodenum, an aneurysm was suspected. No other abnormality was found. An arterial aneurysm was ruled out by angiography, but a venous aneurysm was found originating from the splenic-portal vein confluence.

Which are applicable other diagnoses?
What can and should be done from a surgical point of view?

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Re: Upper abdominal pain - Ärzteforum

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This was the first time for me to hear about this interesting topic of portal vein aneurysms. Feliciano PD(Iowa City USA) presented a case of a 70 year old man who was found to have an extrahepatic portal vein aneurysm during an evaluation for hematuria. He reported that extra hepatic portal vein aneurysms are rare with only twenty cases reported in the literature. Typically,patients present with hemorrhage requiring surgical exploration or the aneurysm is discovered during evaluation of another abdominal process. Management includes careful follow-up in the asymptomatic patient without underlying liver disease or portal hypertension.

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