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Antibiotics & feces - Ärzteforum

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Two scenarios:

1) spillage of bile during a lap chole

2) 1cm tear of colon during surgery, you are looking at a turd, but there is no spillage and the tear is closed.

Do we use antibiotics? how long?

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Re: Antibiotics & feces - Ärzteforum

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1. No, unless you already have prophylactic Ab's on board, then no furhter--altho they are not indicated in the routine cholecystectomy
2. No--same qualification, depending on what surgery is being done as to whether Ab's are already on board

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Re: Antibiotics & feces - Ärzteforum

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Most likely not. Candida is a common organism throughout the gastrointestinal tract and could be found in any culture of GI based fluid. More important are the clinical factors and colony counts. I f the patients microbiological flora had been significantly altered and the patient was immuno compromised then maybe some anti fungal coverage is in order. The golden rule is treat the patient not the culture.


Re: Antibiotics & feces - Ärzteforum

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I think your single dose standard prophyllaxis should be all that's necessary, i.e. for clean/contaminated surgery, and no more.

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