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I have a patient (canine) that was shot (by a human most likely) through the nose about six months ago. He sustained a large defect in the hard palate with oronasal communication. It was repaired several times prior to my involvement. All procedures failed to close the defect. Currently there is a 2.7 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm defect in the caudal hard palate. Material comes out through the nose after eating and he has a nasal discharge.

I am looking for input before I tackle this problem. A side note...he is very mean sometimes and does not like to have his mouth examined. A penny for your thoughts!

Should I...

1. Free vascular graft
2. Maxillofacial prostheses
3. Advancement flap from the soft palate
4. Bone graft plus advancement flap from the soft palate
5. None of the above

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I think it would be a veau advancement palatoplasty would be technically feasible in the dog. You would have bilateral mucosal advancement flaps that should meet in the midline and the flaps would be based on the palatine artery however, you should bear in mind that this is a dog and not a human being (although my dachschund claims to be a human being) so it would not be possible to tell the dog not to eat bones and such, a mucosal flap would surely not last long once the dog is started on full diet since dogs have been observed to chew even with the palate so I guess you would also have to close the bony defect with a bone graft.

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In children with cleft palates, soft tissue advancement alone usually works well. It is the simplest and a well tried method. Would suggest using that first.

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