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What are the best methods for achieving scrotal haemostasis?

Early this afternoon I carried out a tidy excision of scrotal hydrocoele, minimal bleeding, careful inspection of cut hydrocoele edge, oversewing with 4/0 chromic catgut, bipolar for small bleeders, original transverse scrotal incision with s-l-o-w cutting diathermy, careful closure in 4 layers with subcuticular to close.

4 hours later there is a diffuse unsightly haematoma of the scrotum, like previous ones I have explored and found no discrete collection to evacuate and no specific bleeder to tie off or buzz.

The following methods haven't seemed to help:

Open drain
Redivac drain
Hitch stitch [single large suture of fundus of scrotum to lower abo wall for 24 hours]
Unicorn [taking up spare scrotal skin into a "unicorn" with light tape]
Obsessive haemostasis

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Other methods tried and discarded:
Oversewing of cut hydrocoele edge.

I haven't had haematoma problems of significance with vas reconstruction, vasectomy, epididymal procedures, orchidopexy for torsion or maldescent, large scrotal hernias.

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