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On a local forum directed towards rural doctors we have been discussing the management of the acute scrotum in young children. The question arose as to what to do if you find epididymoorchitis in a young child. I did a literature search and couldn't find much but it does seem that the most likely source of infection was reflux of infected urine. That implies a UTI. How should we therefore be investigating the urinary tracts of this group of children? Any thoughts. Any paediatric urologists out there? Incidentally - just for fun - our commonest cause of epididymo - orchitis in children is bilharzia - but this presents as a sub acute or chronic condition and therefore not really relevant to this question.

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Interesting geographic differences--in the US mumps is probably the most common cause of epidydymo-orchitis, at least in the days before the mumps vaccine, in young children--our urologist sees bacterial infection as the most likely cause, and should be empirically treated with a course of antibiotics--if it is persistent, or recurs, then an anatomic problem like valves or reflux should be looked for--another consideration is that the kid may be getting venereal infection from sexual relations--the first reaction of our urologist was that this is so unusual, you've got to start thinking of unusual causes.

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