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Ureteral injuries: Several urologosts use the same technique that I use to assess ureteral integrity after difficult hysterectomy (you can, of course, use this to verify ureteral integrity after any operation): Inject indigo carmine IV, wait at least 5 minutes and do a cystoscopy to verify good squirting of blue dye from both ureteral orifices. A crushed (by a clamp) or partially occluded or cautery-injured ureter will squirt some dye but not as actively as normal, so don't accept a little blue dye squirting as evidence of a normal ureter. This technique will not work if your Anesthesia people don't adequately hydrate your patient.


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If a general surgeon has privileges to do cystoscopy, and is knowledgeable enough in the technique to find the ureteral orifices, I can assure you it's no big trick to cannulate the ureteral orifices and obtain a retrograde ureterogram, which will find leaks, suture narrowing, or crush injury very accurately. I would propose this as the most accurate way to assure ureteral integrity after a difficult hysterectomy or other pelvic operation.

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