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Disappearing hernia inguinales - Ärzteforum

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Our pediatrician told me that he recounts two cases, where he diagnosed a clearly palpable inguinal hernia in a child ( 5 and 6 years old), operation was postponed several times for about half a year, and after that he could no more find a hernia in this patient.

Does this happen? Ever heard of?

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Re: Disappearing hernia inguinales - Ärzteforum

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Nope. I've never seen a true inguinal hernia disappear, but I have seen the bulge disappear in young children all the time. Since pediatric sacs usually have very tiny necks, they are often filled only with fluid which can move into and out of the peritoneal cavity easily. This is particularly true in infants, and often times you can't demonstrate the hernia when the parent brings the child in for consultation. But with a good history, the hernia sac is always there when you operate. I would therefore be suspicious that these children still have hernia sacs despite the negative exam.

Often the sac is filled only with fluid.


Re: Disappearing hernia inguinales - Ärzteforum

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In my view hernias don't resolve spontaneously. However, hydroceles in infants certainly do resolve spontaneously.

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Re: Disappearing hernia inguinales - Ärzteforum

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I have ask to my colleges and specialist in pediatric surgery about the possibility of disappearance of inguinal hernia and also told me that they never have saw it .

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