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I have been asked to review a case of a 9yo female > 1 yr out from a motor vehicle accident...restrained, rear seat, "bumped" her head on the seat in front of her. No loss of consciousness or other apparent injuries. Seen over the following year for neck strain, headaches, etc. And then finally was noted to complain of abdominal pain. Found to have a "fascial defect" that was "tiny" in her umbilicus. No protruding hernia noted. Taken to OR and a distinct hernia was documented. The question obviously concerns "who pays?" In other words, was this due to the accident?


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I'm from a small town in Canada, but I'm still not going to believe that one. Besides, here in socialized Canada, the government pays for it either way ....(not much, by the way).

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I think you really are stretching things a little too far with this case. Your child's hernia is most likely to be a congenital defect that has not closed. Umbilical hernias rarely cause abdominal pains and I would be very surprised if her abdominal pains are cured following repair of her umbilical hernia.

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