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I arrived at the hospital to take call this AM, and the resident presented a patient, 74 y/o female, who had been scheduled for a CABG, and who developed a sigmoid obstruction before she could have her heart surgery. The cardiologist simultaneously consulted GI and gen surg. By the time I got caught up on the details, the GI man had the patient in the endoscopy suite for the purpose of biopsy and stent insertion. This patient is high risk because of her CAD, and she will be much better after a bypass. Initially, after looking at the BE, I had thought that a transverse loop colostomy, done under local and sedation, would be all that could be offered. I am familiar with stenting in the biliary tract, but I currently have little knowledge and no experience with its use in the intestines.

Is it a good option, in a case like this, assuming the obstruction is malignant?

Does anyone have the experience with stenting in the colon?

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There is very little data on the long or short term safety and efficacy of this procedure, but this situation is the perfect application for it, and may be worth the try as long as you are available for immediate surgery, for the procedure you planned, should a perf occur--we have used it once successfully, merely to allow an effective bowel prep in a tightly constricting lesion with obstruction, allowing an emergency situation to be converted to a safer elective one--I think it is worth trying in that minority of circumstances in which it may be useful as long as your radiologist is trained in its insertion.


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Currently some people from my Department are running a research project on this subject and as far as I know more than 100 patient have received a colon stent (most of then for colon cancer obstruction). Results seem very good with few complications. It could be a good idea for your patient.

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There is very little data on the long or short term safety

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