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I doubt you would get many neurosurgeons interested, when I was working in
neuro my boss used to tell me he went into neuro because it was the one
surgical speciality you didn't have to operate through fat!

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Re: The surgical lipo-industry - Ärzteforum

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In all of the discussions about morbid obesity, I was struck by the
underlying theme of prejudice against the obese.While the statements may
have varied, it was clearly stated over and over again. Of course,
everyone will deny such prejudice, or rationalize it, or joke about it.
It has all been done before for race or creed. Now with this particular
patient population, it is being done for medical reasons. If anyone on
this list is overweight, or really obese, I wonder if any of the
comments hurt? Could such feelings on the part of surgeons obscure
their objectivity?

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Re: The surgical lipo-industry - Ärzteforum

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I think we are all a bit prejudiced against patients when their bad habits,
in which they persist, cause them problems (out of which we then are
expected to try to extricate them). People eat too much, drink too much,
smoke too much, sleep around too much - prevention is better than cure and
to spend much time and money treating the consequences of bad habits when
patients persist in those bad habits is not the best use of scarce health
resources. Inevitably however we spend much of our time doing just that.

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Re: The surgical lipo-industry - Ärzteforum

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I am fat! I was not when arriving in this country a while ago but New
York's delicious food has it's side effects.

Please do not worry about us- we do not hurt as we have thick skin-or
subcutaneous tissue.

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