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The today's discussion subject in our service was acupuncture anesthesia in major general surgery patients. In Chile is it is a very unknown technique but I know there are severel countries in wich it's a daily use.The main arguments (from our anesthesists) against it were it is un-scientific, un-reproductible, and without an undestandable basis( ??). Perhaps our eastern members don't think so. Is there someone with a practical experience enough for expressing some reasonable criteria about it or for recommending some papers to read? What are the feeling of the remainder members who as I, don't have any experience with it?


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First of all acu anasthesia has scientific explanation and is reproductible. But great interest to it noted in 1970-1980 disappear because very simple reason: the medicamentous anestesia much more effective. Godd results from acu anesthesia were seen in about 70% of cases in well skilled hands. So you can forget about this technique except for historical reason.


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I really believed that it was still a technique on use, as less in far east countries (My country is very far too but in the southest way).


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Last I heard and read, it was still fairly effective, but never became popular in the US because it takes too long to become effective. US surgeons are in too much of a hurry to wait for acupuncture to start working. (This is completely anecdotal info I heard somewhere in the late 80's or early 90's).

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