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To follow-up on my pulmonary artery disaster, the patient died at 11 das post-op of respiratory failure. Probably a combination of marginal pulmonary function with one lung and SIRS. I have spoken with US Surgical and they think the handle we load the cartridges in was too old and worn. It has been here as long as I have which is over ten years. They are replacing it. The failure rate of the 30V (white) staples is less than 1%, and they have had reports of non-release. I guess we have to pay more attention to the non-disposable instruments than I thought was necessary.

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Re: Ligation of the pulmonary artery - Ärzteforum

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We had a lot of trouble with the reusable instruments (with the disposable reloads)--remember the off-shore reloads that were available for a while in the late 90's (they were no less reliable than the Auto-Suture reloads--just wanted to see how long you have been practicing surgery)? I was very happy when we started using disposable TA's because they had less problems than the reusables we had at the time.

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