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Does anyone have any leads on where I might obtain sterile talc for pleurodesis? I had been using the aerosolized preparation imported from France, but the FDA recalled it. My pharmacy feels they can't sterilize commercial non-sterile talc for me. I now use Doxyclycline, but am looking for an alternative cheaper than Bleomycin.

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We got a supply of sterile talc in aerosolized form and in sterile containers from the University of Minnesota about a year ago. They told me at the time that getting more would be a problem, but you might try calling the Thoracic Surgery Dept. there.


Re: Talc pleurodesis - Ärzteforum

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I use and I have Talc powder for pleurodesis in my hospital. I remember that it was a problem to gain it,So,on monday I will ask in my hospital to the talc "Where are you from"?

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Re: Talc pleurodesis - Ärzteforum

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I do very little use of the talcum for pleurodesis and justly one the problems, specially for we, is to be sure that is free of asbestoss and by other side requires careful special for the esterilizacion . I have found . a work that mentions what your ask. The work is "Thoracoscopy and Talc Poudrage for Pneumothoraces and Effusions " ..." the talc used was US Pharmacopeia talc , a hydrous magnesium silicate known in its native form as soapstone or French chalk. The talc was especified by the manufacturer ( Humco Laboratory , Texar-kana , TX ) to be free from asbestos . I Expect that these reference will be usefull to You and if could get it in U.S.A. wold be important to know as has at it done given that is a problem for all of Us to get that famous talc .

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Re: Talc pleurodesis - Ärzteforum

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For Talc Pleurodesis, I usually have the operating room do the sterilizing.

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Do you put it in a petrie dish and sterile at the time of the case?

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