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I have had one of those weeks, during which every part of practice has been a struggle. ( I have read the postings daily and I continue to learn much from my colleagues--I can tell you that my practice behaviors have been modified for the good by the forum.)

Just when I needed a lift this week, I got one while making rounds. The nurse told me this story about one of the patients, hospitalized on the surgical floor on the gyn service. The description of the condition and its name gave me a laugh, but perhaps someone else has heard of this and I need to be educated again. A 30 y/o woman has been having pelvic pain without an obvious cause. A thorough workup was negative. Along with the pain, to complicate matters for the patient, even slight movements give her orgasms, with such frequency, that the condition has been called status orgasmaticus. The source of the "syndrome" is pelvic floor myalgia. The treatment, guided thru the physical therapy dept., and recommended by the WFMC, (world famous medical center to which surgeon often refers), is finger point massage to the perineum. Perhaps such a technique is desensitizing.

This is obviously serious for the patient, but the description is so contrived that it is laughable. Since it came from Mayo, it is chiseled in stone. While treatment is necessary, the focus may be on the wrong part of the patient's body. At least no one has recommended an operation thus far. Has anyone had any experiences with such a condition?

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Re: Status orgasmaticus - Ärzteforum

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Maybe I don't understand this "syndrome", but what in the world is there to "treat"? Sounds like heaven to me--what is the patient complaint, exactly?

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Re: Status orgasmaticus - Ärzteforum

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Is it indeed heaven? Would you enjoy a quasi-constant orgasm triggered by any stimulation?

As to the sad/funny case- I do not know but sounds to me that this patient needs (psychothropic) medications and not vaginal massage.


Re: Status orgasmaticus - Ärzteforum

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I doubt that it has a physical origin, but that is only a guess. What is ironic about it is that the treating physicians probably don't have a clue, but won't make that as a statement. So, a syndrome is born--pain and orgasms, with a trigger point in the pelvis. Therefore, desensitize that with massage. All of this is my interpretation. It is akin to a surgeon not knowing what is causing belly pain, but recommending an exploration "to look and see" the cause, rather than saying "I don't know. Let's wait and see." In this case, as surgeon points out something needs to be done. BTW, around here there is no longer abdominal pain, but abdominalgia. Does that make the patient feel like something is really wrong? Does the doctor feel smarter with such language? Is the reimbursement better?

I was told that the husband has no complaint, but the patient has lost control of her own response, and does climax at inappropriate times, such as during a rectal exam done by her physician. So there is a touchy subject here, expecially in the hands of males, who can easily be accused of being MCP's. Do remember the saying about dyspareunia?

I doubt it, just like priapism is a painful condition and not enjoyable.

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Re: Status orgasmaticus - Ärzteforum

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Well, I assume this is as unpleasant and unwanted as priapism in men.
Makes a good story though.


Re: Status orgasmaticus - Ärzteforum

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This doesn't sound quite like the same problem, but I remember reading (NEJM I think, couple of months ago) a case report of a female patient who had spontaneous orgasms, the cause finally being some kind of focal epilepsy.


Re: Status orgasmaticus - Ärzteforum

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Actually, this is a good thought. She might respond well to a seizure med, especially a new one with less side effects, such as Gabapentin, although of course, once she has the world famous opinion, she'd probably not listen to us lesser mortals' opinions.

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