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I will attend a group of discussion on peptic ulcer and one of the subjects is lap gastrectomy. Any experience among the members of this list? I will be glad to receive any comments.


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No tenemos ninguna experiencia clinica ni experimental en gastrectomias lap.Pero si tengo 2 videos en que se muestran resecciones esofagogastricas en chanchos.El abordaje es transtoracodiafragmatico y las sutras y anastomosis se hacen con stapplers .La refeencia para preguntar a traves de Internet es el web del American College of Surgeons.Ahi se ofrece un listado de videos,los que por supuesto hay que adquirir, que muestran lo que a Ud. le interesa.


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Early this month we had here in Sao Paulo (Brazil) at the Gastrao (a traditional gastroenterology congress)a video which was made last year by Dr Carlos Domene where he demonstrates that it is possible to do a D2 gastrectomy for cancer with safety. It is early to say if this kind of operation can achieve good oncological results, so, as surgeons must be very experienced in laparoscopic and mainly in gastric surgery, this should remain as an experimental surgery, and just be done as part of a trial in institutions devoted to this area.

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