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The speed of entry doesn't have anything to do with it. It's just that I have found the old Hasson method to be unnecessary except in very rare circumstances. It's a nice tool to have in your inventory. Like the Von Petz stapler.

5mm trocar sites are less painful and have fewer complications, therefore preferable in the vast majority of patients. Hasson technique wouldn't be possible for me even if I thought it was better.

I think I'm probably older than you are. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks if he's willing to learn....

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Re: IVC Trocar Injury - Ärzteforum

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I was taught by Earl Sifers, MD, probably the fastest
Kansas City surgeon to save time by not wasting efforts. Those
of you who knew or knew of Tuck (his nickname) know he ended
his career with many lawsuits but that was not because of his
speed, but because he unfortunately got early onset Alzheimer's
disease in his late 50's and it was not recognized so he kept
operating. Anyhow, Tuck carped on things like keeping your
fingers in or out of the needleholder not taking them in and
out as you sew, never looking up from the surgical site, anticipating
what you will need and being sure in advance the scrub nurse has it,
whenever possible using what the scrub nurse has instead of waiting for
the circulator to run find something else and other time saving

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Re: IVC Trocar Injury - Ärzteforum

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If you are only using 5 mm ports, how do manage to extract the gall bladder? It is often a struggle with a 10mm port.

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