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Laparoscopy in emergency surgery - Ärzteforum

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Have you experience in lap in emergency surgery and what are your results ? Had you economic advantages? I'm organizing a lap team in my Hospital for urgent surgery.

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Re: Laparoscopy in emergency surgery - Ärzteforum

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Depending on the laparoscopic skills of the on-call team, 30-50% of the emergency OR activity is laparoscopic. That includes Appendectomy, Cholecystectomy, perforated doudenal ulcer, small bowel obstruction (about a third can be handled laparoscopically), and we plan to start incarcerated hernia soon.

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Re: Laparoscopy in emergency surgery - Ärzteforum

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Laparoscopic surgery is a common practice in our institution it include:
* Diagnostic procedure in cases of doubtful diagnosis( i.e. suspected appendicitis Vs pelvic emergencies in female)
* appendectomies esp. in obese
*perforated D.U.s as well as cholecyctectomies
*selected cases of intestinal obstruction
* ectopic pregnancies etc..
As regards the cost we have no study to date to prove the cost effectiveness but a personal experience I would suggest it is a worthwhile thing to start.

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