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Advantages of laparoscopic surgery: Cultural difference ? - Ärzteforum

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I would like to have your opinion about the effect of cultural background on advantages of lap surgery. For last 2 years i have been doing lap surgery in Bangladesh. I have noticed patients are reluctant to go home after 24-48 hours even though there is no obvious contraindications. They like to feel pain ! They donot accept the fact that they are fit to go home after such a major surgery. More over most of them require narcotic analgesics just like open surgery. As a result the perceived advantages ( short stay, less pain) are not prominent. Does any one know of any study looking into this point ?


Re: Advantages of laparoscopic surgery: Cultural difference ? - Ärzteforum

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Some years ago here in Argentina in a Congress of Surgery, Y listenned to tell to a Surgeon of Barcelona (Dr Ballesta Lopez ) that a colleague let remain to his patient with nasogastric tube by 24 Hs because If not they were thinking that had not been operated in agreement to the importance of yours ailments. Here many patients at the beginning of this technique had fear of be gone to your home so quickly and by other side the manifestation of the pain evidently linked to cultural features.


Re: Advantages of laparoscopic surgery: Cultural difference ? - Ärzteforum

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I would say it took about two years in our area for the word to spread that it was ok to go home after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It required a ratcheting up of acceptance by the patients, followed by a ratcheting up of courage of the surgeons to tell patients that they were wrong when they wanted to stay 2-3 days. We were actually isolated enough that we continued blithely on down the road to outpatient cholecystectomy without thinking twice, and didn't worry until we saw reports about a year later indicating it was "becoming acceptable" to perform outpatient cholecystectomy.

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