About me


My name is Elias, and I am the chief editor of the surgical site http://for-surgeons.com.

I was born in Croatia, and despite the fact that I had a good friend, I have all the same remained a very reserved boy. As I talked with peers few times, the bulk of the free time I devoted my education. All the time I was a good student at school and when I was 15 years old I entered the medical university.

Since my childhood I wanted to devote myself to surgery and after graduation, this dream has come true – I became a surgeon. But the real work environment in the Croatian medicine was far from ideal. Everything was nowhere near as rosy as I had originally imagined. Corruption, low wages, scandals, intrigues in the hospital forced me to leave medicine.

After all, I had to deal not so much with my work as address issues of internal conflicts, lack of medicines, etc. At the same time the war broke out in Croatia, killing my friends (also my best friend from school days), and I took part in the struggle against the Serb aggressors, volunteered at a medical company. For this reason my knowledge was the most useful. I have saved the lives of many soldiers.

After the victory of the Croatian patriots, I do something else, which is also loved since childhood – programming. This specialty is not less interesting than the medicine. Programming, as well as surgery, requires continuous improvement in order to be aware of innovations in the profession and new inventions which helps in the work.

Nowadays I deem that myself a quite successful Croatian programmer, doing everything to fight for the clear future of my birthplace and my two children. I hope that together we all achieve prosperity of our nation and someday the medical occupation is one of the most worshipful. That’s all about the story of my successful life!